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Miho, a 29 year old married woman, is currently working alone. This time it will be a video recording the daily work of a housewife, depicting the daily life of a full-time housewife and its dark side. At the beginning of the day was a long-distance conversation with my husband who was on his way to work alone. After that, Ms. Miho showed me videos of jogging and daily life that looked like daily videos posted on some video website. However, by noon the situation completely changed. Her husband was unaware, and a startling scene that her husband should not have known about was caught on camera.

JUL-327 The husband was away from home and the wife had an affair with another man
 Liên kết nhanh: 
 Mã phim: JUL-327 
 Hãng sản xuất:  
 Diễn viên: Tsuno Miho 
 Thể loại: JavHD Awkward Sex Movie